Thursday, 29 May 2014

Extra: Day Sixteen - Maiko experience

Today we headed to YumeYakata studios for a Maiko photo session.

Firstly we had to undress and put on a type of gown. Then we were ushed to a bathroom to wash. Our hair was pulled up and out of the way. Next we sat in front of mirrors as the make up artists applied what felt like wax over our faces before adding thick white foundation over our face, neck and shoulders. They applied make up to our eyes and lips next.

Once the make up was done we were fitted for kimonos. This took a great deal of time as dressing involved many layers and they had to wrap us up tight to give the kimonos the best fit.

Eventually we were fitted with wigs and told to pick our hair accessories.

Next came the photo shoot. A talented grouo of young women prodded us into poses with instructions like 'move your head like this... Just a little!!'

We both came away with fond memories and three photos each.

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