Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Extra: Day Fifteen - The Arts

Today was a very relaxed day. Our first appointment was with the Roketsu Dying place at 10am.

Once we arrived we were shown all the equiptment and picked out simple designs to have a go.

To start you have to apply melted wax with a brush in the design of your choice, tracing it on to fabric with the aid of a light box.

One layer makes the lines come up faded, two layers keeps the background white.

Once this is done you have to suit up in aprons and gloves to stir and dunk the fabric into the dye for fifteen minutes. The more you stir the more cracks will appear in your design, this gives it an intresting look!

They are then left to change colour once oxygen reaches them, before the wax is boiled off and the material washed.

It's then dried and iron so you can take it home!

In the afternoon we took part in a tea ceremony with another couple of travelers (from Switzerland!) and learnt the art of tea preperation.

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