Friday, 30 May 2014

Extra: Day Eighteen - Osaka

For our final day in Japan we headed to Osaka.

The weather was lovely and we were greeted by heat and sunshine as we stepped off the train.

We took a short walk Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) and spent the morning checking out the Seals, Dolphins, Rays, Otters and lots of fish! Their main attraction is a Whale Shark, however she was currently elsewhere undergoing a medical examination - which was probably a good thing, I can't picture how something so big would have manged to fit in the main tank.

Once again the place was overrun with small children being lead by their teachers. They seemed to be colour coded, with each age range wearing a white t-shirt and a different coloured hat.

Afterwards we checked out the indoor market and then took some time to laze in the sun on the waterfront.

Eventually we headed to Kansai Airport where we toasted the end of our holiday with white wine, then began packing for the long flight home.

It's been such a lovely holiday.

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