Monday, 12 May 2014


Today we slept in and then headed to Mitaka in the afternoon.

We had tickets booked for Studio Ghibli at four and decided to spend a few hours wandering the area beforehand.

We managed to find an interesting little park before we reached the museum. There was one teenager practicing guitar with his earphones in (which was interesting to watch!), several members of the much older generation doing stretches, twentysomethings on the ground doing exercises (that looked quite suggestive!) and a little old man standing in the woods practicing panpipes (very serene!).

Afterwards we headed to Studio Ghibli to enjoy our afternoon looking at original Ghibli artwork and displays.

Tonight we met up with the tour group for dinner in a traditional Japanese restaurant/bar. It was fortunate that we had someone able to speak Japanese with us to sort out all the bill related chaos that ensued!

Our first day of proper touring starts tomorrow.

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