Thursday, 29 May 2014

Extra: Day Sixteen - Nara

We arrived in Nara a bit later than planned due to the length of the Maiko dressing up experience.

Once we reached Nara we heading along tbe streets towards Nara Park, aiming for Todaiji Temple as our destination.

It was an extremely hot day and although most of the paths only had a few people, once we reached Todaiji it appeared that every school kid in Japan had come to see it!

We took the long walk through the park surrounded by (often over friendly) deer and by the time we reached the temple it had just gone 5pm. At the top of the street a man ushered us down telling us that the temple closed at 5:30!

We rushed down - doing a great job of dodging and weaving all the school trips who had also decided to leave it until the last minute.

Finally we arrived and spent the last twenty minutes admiring the enormous Buddha statue - truly a sight to behold!

We were exhausted after that, so we caught a taxi back to the station.

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