Thursday, 29 May 2014

Extra: Day Seventeen - Shopping

This evening we decided to head to Kyoto's market district.

We had forwarded our bags to Osaka yesterday planning to travel light, however we both brought a lot of stuff due to knowing our holiday would soon be at an end.

I brought a cute glass with pink bunnies on, lots of sweets to bring in to work and a pokemon flannel.

Hayley really stocked up! My favourite purchase being a giant cuddly seal; that's going to make packing interesting!

We also accidentially wandered into the game arcade, a place called GamePanic, which was an appropriate name seeing as Hayley was concerned a lurking man would swoop in and snag tbe prize she'd been working on!

Eventually she won her Hello Kitty tissue box and I managed to win myself a couple of cute, plastic cat 'doughnuts'.

We also had a final venture into the photo booth to round off the trip!

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