Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Day That Never Ended

It's certainly been a long one.
On the 10th we left the hotel for the airport at 7:15am via shuttlebus and haven't really stopped since!

It seems that everyone wearing glasses managed to set off the metal detectors at Heathrow so I experienced my first ever pat down by airport security!

The first flight was hassle free and we were told to expect at least half an hour to get through Helsinki customs, however it was more of a walk down a corridoor than anything strenuous.

The second plane was lovely, comfy seats as well as personal tv's that allowed us to watch movies and play videogames (I'm still not very good at tetris). The flight staff were very attentive and we breezed through the eight and a half hours.

Once we arrived at the airport the fun really began! We were a touch jet lagged and had to navigate our way to transfering our coupons for our offical Japan Railcard before we could go anywhere and we also hired a portable wifi service.

Navigating Tokyo with heavy bags and no sleep is hard work! We reached our Hotel 4 hours after landing and once our hotel room was ready we promptly fell asleep.

Now time for dinner!!

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